FASHION- turn to the left!

This was an opportunity to play with the tropes of female fantasy adventuring outfits, as well as show off our girl Ronni in some sexy and ridiculous outfits. Because sometimes a page is just there to have fun with as creators, and this page, while it does serve to move the narrative forward, is mostly about fun.

A discussion that came up during the illustration of this page is about the buttoned flap of Ali’s wrists on his costume. My logic is that those flaps hide the bracers he’s wearing underneath, as he’s a spoiled rich kid on an adventure, after all, and mom sent him with proper wizard armor- bracers. For the record, he is wearing rings, they’re just invisible. Because the witch does stuff like make invisible rings thieves won’t know to steal.

Quite the inventory on hand for a simple tailor, right?

Also, note that Ali had time to change clothes and get the ‘full briefing’ from his mother before he followed Ronni here, despite the fact that he appeared on the road ten seconds after she did. A clue about the dilation of time, laid early in the narrative, as well as a bit of irony.

Because Morgan DOESN’T fully brief Ali in the least, despite his thoughts on the matter. He doesn’t know her plans for grandchildren, thus illustrating she clearly doesn’t trust Ali with said plans. Instead, she expects him to think with his loins, and follow his usual instincts to produce the results she desires. Working very hard at being that master manipulator, so others won’t see her hand quite so obviously in all this.

Which, as long-time readers know, isn’t going to work out so well for her…


I loved playing with the different styles of costumes, and in the case of the 90s EXTREME one, even some of the proportions and inking styles of the period, like the underboob uplighting.

And I have to say, it is FUN getting back to drawing Ronni in her fantasy garb. It’s a really fun design that I had to re-research to REMEMBER how to draw. I also had to make an effort to remember to NOT put any dings, dents or damage in it, as I had become accustomed to in the initial pages I did.



Issue 17 – Page 020