Gold Fever


I mean, she gets big and destroys billions of dollars worth of property on a semi-regular basis. One such incident could keep your finances wrecked for life, and Giant Girl has lost count of how many times it has happened to her. So Ronni is understandably excited about the possibility of walking away from this with a tidy little fortune.

The Witch did say ‘amply compensated’ as well, and Ronni’s starting to see the possibilities.

The walk and talk page is a bit epic as Dee lays out the town of Witching Hill passing by in the background, even as she looks for somewhere to sheathe her new sword. Which you know she’s gonna lose along the way…


This was a very challenging page to pull off, with a lot of meat to showcase, along with mostly new backgrounds in every panel. It was also, however, an opportunity to do what I love to do the most: character beats and acting.

In the original script, Ronni gave the blanket to the old soldier in the first panel, but we worked it out to become a three-panel sequence telling a story in the background to contrast Ali blindly accusing her of being a gold-digger. I LOVED that thematic juxtaposition. Ronni’s not PERFECT, but in her heart, she’s still a hero and I loved the chance to show that in little moments like this one Sabrina conceived of here, so I enjoyed taking it and expanding on it.

Similarly, the “Looking for a place to put the sword” was a throwaway moment that we also expanded to take up what otherwise would have just been talking heads. And artistically, doing SOMETHING is always better than doing NOTHING.




Issue 17 – Page 021