The Call To Adventure

In the Hero’s Journey, this is a step. In Ronni’s story, this has already happened when she answered the summons from the witch, and she’s now covered:

  1. The Ordinary World.
  2. The Call to Adventure.
  3. Refusal of the Call.
  4. Meeting the Mentor.
  5. Crossing the Threshold.

So while this is the call to adventure for the adventuring party, Ronni’s journey is instead at the ‘Tests, Allies, Enemies’ stage. So it’s interesting that the heroes of the quest are at different stages of their journeys, at least to me.

Duncan, Earl of Scotts’ dialogue is Shakespeare by way of Raimi.


This was a lot of fun to play with. With Duncan, I was absolutely imagining Brian Blessed “playing” him as I drew. The basic layout and castle were taken from Koen’s original page, rather than my recreating the wheel, which allowed me to have a lot of fun playing with Ronni’s expressions and reaction.

Also, the classic “light through the open door as heroes enter a dark chamber” shot for the first panel. I drew a lot of inspiration from a lot of sources there, but mostly Luke’s first appearance in “Return of the Jedi”.




Issue 17 – Page 022