Titan of legend

This is the first time Kane is referred to as a titan in this story, and to my mind, it’s quite fitting. Titans broke the rules of reality, and were greater forces striding the world- huge, primitive, and hard-to-control forces. Immune to most of the magics and forces available, they were those who begat the gods themselves.

And, of course, they were giant of the Urth. Thus leading us to the title of this particular epic.

While Veronica Kane is a superhero from another dimension, seeing her as a titan allows Britomart to frame her in such a way that the paladin understands, and gives context.

I love how, having been so thoroughly humbled by what she thought was going to be an easy challenge, Britomart shows she hasn’t learned that much by immediately turning to strongarm Ali Kazaam. She knows she can’t lean on Kane, but Ali is another matter entirely.

Of course, she does have a bit of a point. Ali knew what Kane was capable of and didn’t tell anyone else- in fact, he’s been spending all day trying to get her to NOT do something like so it wouldn’t freak people out. But now, far from Scott Castle and civilization, the big girl’s not going to be pushed around anymore.


Artistically, I kept a lot of Koen’s structure and basic layout for this page, though we have more panels to flesh out the character interactions. My thinking in all things is, if something isn’t broken, don’t muck with it. My main goals here was in taking what DID work, and grounding the scene more and giving greater visual backing for Ronni’s MASSIVE size here. Hopefully, it plays as it’s always a challenge to pull off.



Issue 17 – Page 030