Hand of Vanu, you say?

How do you get a person like Britomart, anyway? And once you have them, how do you humanize them a little bit?

Hopefully cover both with an origin story that encompasses how she came to be, as well as explaining her belief system. We also cover the major religions of Urth in the process, hinting at a larger world. We even spell out the Big Bad of the campaign, the dread lich lord who will eventually overrun the Urth.

I love playing with mythology like this- hinting at much larger concepts that could be explored and just casually dropping them in. Maybe someday we’ll get the chance to investigate and explore them, but for now, they just add more color to the tapestry of this fantasy world we’re visiting, to give it a bit more weight, a bit more realism.

Hopefully that comes across on this page. I can say for certain we enjoyed crafting it for you!


There is a LOT of meat on this page and 3 distinct montage/image inserts, but I am really happy with how smoothly it all came together. I particularly enjoyed designing both Britomart’s “casual holy knight chic” outfit AND the Naga, Solari!

I was only told what, broadly, a Naga WAS in the script and that the two were gonna have sexytime. I wanted it VERY clear that this was consensual, and also wanted to put a lot of little visual cues in there that Solari IS Britomart’s mother.

Making the “cobra hood” into hair VERY similar to Brit’s was one aspect, as was them having essentially the same face (Though Mom had more epic cheekbones. lol).

(Sabrina addendum note- I often find giving the artist the vague idea of what you are after gives them the creative freedom to craft something wonderful. Sure, sometimes you want something specific, but sometimes trusting your creative partner by offering them some room to breathe results in something wonderful).



Issue 17 – Page 037