Musical Theater Major

I always loved the musical parody songs in Mad magazine. Issue 186, October 1976 was the Star Trek parody issue, and it was what introduced me at a young age to song parody. I was hooked, as I knew the songs from the radio, and the lyrics were clever and fun.

Thus, I managed to sneak one into this particular epic. Of a catchy, reasonably recent tune I thought would live on back when I wrote this in 2014.

Morgan had this particularly complex illusion/enchantment set up in advance to ride the coattails of the geas, and it is the third of the trio of gifts she mentioned to Ronni back in Witching Hill. The plastic toy hospital, the arrow of direction, and this. A musical number to entice Ali Kazaam to have a good time. Which one would expect he would not need much encouragement.

But see, he met this really nice girl, see, and she’s just fascinating

So, here we see our titular heroine dance and perform her heart out, complete with bard solo. Because once it starts up, you can’t tell me the bard won’t play along with a spontaneous musical number? Please.

Yes, Ali Kazaam has a zipper. Because it’s not going to destroy magical culture if he doesn’t have to button up his fly, and his tailored outfit has modern amenities built in.

That look Leonitas is giving Kane is the same one he’s been giving her all day. “What a woman!” The ass-whupping did nothing to dissuade him of this opinion.

Also, let’s not forget, this whole thing is Morgan’s doing. So she deliberately included herself in this whole number, puppeteer imagery and all. She anticipated the insult and wrote it in, because diviner.


Ahhh, the musical sequence. The script left a lot of the specifics up to me, which I had a lot of fun with. In essence, this is a 16 panel page if you note the “breaks” in each of the rows, and I wanted to make sure the action flowed.

We decided to use the blue cosmic effect and color to emphasize that Ronni suddenly breaking out in song is Morgan’s doing. (Then I added the puppeteer visual JUST to nail it home as concretely as possible.)

We had a BLAST bringing this sequence to life.



Issue 17 – Page 039