Like Your Life Depends On It

Harald’s death now serves a purpose- setting the stakes for our heroine, as she discovers just what sort of world this is. A savage and dangerous world of kill or be killed.

I like that look back at Ali, who offers resignation. This is how it is, he says with a shrug, and she embraces it, tossing the giant off the planet. As the script read, OH F*&%IN WELL GUESS I’M IN.

Big kudos to Dee for the swirly mystic shield, understand why the script called for a giant to be using a catapult as a flail, and roaring spittle.


I love drawing the physics of Ronni getting big. She’s dense enough for that catapult to shatter off of her, but the impact is still moving through her to the ground at her hand. Plus, I got to add a specific REASON for that “X” shaped scratch I’ve been drawing on her head gear for the entire book.



Issue 17 – Page 044