To Battle Giants

Smoke and R’Lithon show what they can do, each fighting in a style that highlights their strengths. Meanwhile Britomart demonstrates that she is a “Do as I say, not as I do” leader.

Also? “THPIDER!” I was going to leave that panel silent, but Dee convinced me to add some panicky dialogue, and we decided a lisp was appropriate, because the giant’s got a man-spiga on his nose.


One of the challenges we have been tackling in the retelling of the opening of this issue has been in both fleshing out Ronni’s journey and in balancing tone. Initially, this scene ended up being almost completely played for comedy, so with a chance to reapproach the material, we keep the hijinks where needed, but also try to bring the thrills in as well.

I like drawing the giants as equally capable of being scary AND funny from panel to panel, and playing up their SCALE helps to keep the threat imminent.



Issue 17 – Page 045