Tables Turned, Giant Girl Style

I think it says a lot about Ronni as a person that she casually tosses a giant to what she assumes will likely be his death, but her next choice is to capture one of the giants and render him ineffectual.

Also to steal his hat, but Ronni’s a gal what likes a good hat.

Dirk and Leonitas battling the troll and ogre as she’s doing her thing points to the fact that while this is a no-danger effortless exercise for her, the rest of the party is having to work to stay alive.

“Mom’s mad” still makes me laugh every time.


The original script gave me options on how Ronni was going to get the giant’s attention. It was either THIS whistle, or a shout and slapping her own bottom suggestively. I felt like the 2-fingered whistle was more fun and more in character for the moment. That required making sure she took her glove off, which provided some fun little acting and posing bits for the page.

Also, we’ve found that one great way to showcase SIZE in some of these scenes is with a little selective blurring.



Issue 17 – Page 046