Point Of Order

As you can see, Ronni is really over taking orders. Or suggestions, at this point. She’s going to do things her own way, and she has good reasons to do so. While Britomart’s logic would hold true for most conventional adventuring parties, Giant Girl breaks all the rules, as she explains and illustrates here.

She’s still not keen on killing, but she is willing to punt the locals into the stratosphere. Which is a subtle distinction, but one that is clearly working for our lady in red.


Lots of fun with Ronni’s shrinking and growing, but also with her EXPRESSIONS, which are all over the place as she manages her frustration with Britomart and the rules of Urth. And by “manages”, I mean “takes her frustration out on the giants”. LOL

In the script, Sabrina wrote that Ronni was holding the hillbilly giant like a doll, so of COURSE I interpreted that to mean she would HAVE to talk with her hands.



Issue 17 – Page 047