A Private Conversation

Hanging out in the plastic hospital (which worked much better than any of the other playsets from a certain manufacturer of peg people) gave us a chance to do a window scene. Since so much of this adventure takes place in the wilds or the woods, the backdrop is often just nature. But in this case, we took advantage of the big plastic house- another of the witch’s gifts- to let Britomart and Ali have a little honest conversation inside, looking out a window.

For his part, Ali definitely has some remarkably clear insights into Ronni’s character. Given his general lack of interest in real conversation, it’s safe bet that he is parroting what he’s heard dear old mama say about our lady in red. But he wants to impress Britomart and sound wise- notice how his entire speech pattern changes for this? That’s his giveaway.

In panel 6, Britomart just nails him. In one sentence she asks about his intentions toward Ronni, how he thinks Ronni sees it, AND points out quite casually that she knows he’s a warlock, trafficking in dark forces. For as loud and abrasive as she is with Kane, Britomart is actually pretty reserved and passive with Ali.

At least until he touches her, and then she pulls away. But note that the sparkles do react a bit… I specifically asked for a little of that, because vanu is wiser than his avatar on Urth. She will need to inspire him to greatness, and fan the flames of nobility in his heart. Maybe a couple of sparkles might help.


Art wise, this sequence gave me a lot to play with. Setting the meat of the scene inside the plastic hospital allowed for some nice staging, using the window as a literal framing device and keeping the “camera” tight on Ali and Britomart.

That same “camera” tightens in on them as they get a bit closer throughout the scene. That and the almost noir style lighting made for a lot of fun, which we contrasted by the occasional shots of Ronni living up to her descriptions in real time.

I like occasionally setting up separate mini-stories like what’s going on with Ronni in the background of scenes. LOTS of opportunities to have fun hidden in the proverbial nooks and crannies of the story that way.



Issue 17 – Page 050