Maybe you should go break up with your giant sometime girlfriend first

Ali made his play, and now he gets the explanation. Britomart is like a warrior nun- she has no sexual experience, and she just doesn’t get romance. All of her life has been spent pursuing being the best, to be worthy of the gifts bestowed upon her by her god.

Flirting, dating, love and lovemaking are all concepts of which she is aware, but they are concepts with no relevance to her. Devotion and duty are the sum total of her life.

However, Britomart isn’t stupid. She saw that song and dance number- the whole camp did, and saw Ali reject Kane quite publicly after that. She saw the look she got as a love triangle formed around her, because she recognized she was in a dangerous position.

While she is prideful and stubborn and almost always convinced she’s right, the Hand of Vanu is not unwise. She recognizes Ali is a womanizer, a trafficker in dark forces and bit of a cad. So the paladin looks for the light in him, and gives him a chance to foster it in another. To push back the darkness he has inspired in the soul of a very powerful being.


We do not do silent beat panels often, but when we do, we really try to make them hit. This page has THREE, and I am really happy with the pacing here.

Sabrina gave me lots of meaty stuff to have in the pacing and acting on this page, and it was a lot of fun to flesh out Britomart beyond just “Holy Stick up the Butt” she can often come across as.

Also, I loved adding the beat of Ronni in the background casually tossing the tree, which wasn’t in the script.



Issue 17 – Page 051