Woe is she


The eyeroll in panel 1 lets you know that she’s not paying attention to Ronni, this is all about me, me me. Again, that perspective combined with the casual explanation of how she had planned to maneuver Ronni into her family really doesn’t endear the witch to Giant Girl.

The listing of grievances, just a bit late for the holidays.

Everything about panel 7 just works for me- the pose, the background, the lighting, everything. I hereby award it Panel Of The Year, to be dethroned only if we get a better one.

Since she’s giving the floor and letting Ronni have her say, the witch might just learn a little something here. Also, I am SO gonna miss those gauntlets of ogre power. I really dig the big hands look.


Yeah, drawing the big ol’ mitts has been a LOT of fun.

Artistically, panels 2 and 3 feature a bit of a cheat, as Ronni has her back to the fireplace, but her face is fully lit. This happened because, originally, she was going to face the opposite direction, but balancing the thought balloons and dialogue made flipping them the smarter choice in the blue-line stage.

So, when it came time to ink we REALLY wanted to keep those faces clean and well lit to emphasize the humor of the scene, so we decided to forego the dark shadows that should be on her face. I think it’s worth it for how fun those two panels came out.

Plus, in that thought balloon in issue #2, I really enjoyed recreating a panel from Koen’s earlier pages in my own style.



Issue 17 – Page 132