Issue 17 – Page 27

Just call her angel of the morning. The paladin rises to greet the dawn. The script says that Britomart is rapturously happy, the only time we have seen her happy so far, greeting the dawn and seeing in the new day. This is her moment, this is what she lives for every day- to see the light shine across the land once more, driving back the darkness.

And there you have it, lacking the hearts throbbing in his eyes it should be abundantly clear that Ali is definitely not dancing with the one he brung because he is definitely smitten. Which doesn't really have time to be explored as that whole detect evil thing goes off then there's the bard, diving in to save Ali from being smushed under a tree club. The bard not only calls the alarm to rouse the troops, he identifies the enemy as well.

Bards, baby. Never in the spotlight but always there in support.

The script said 'Hill giants who look like hillbillies'. Well, they are scary, you gotta admit.

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