Issue 17 – Page 009

The battling Scott Brothers will be next week's vote incentive- those are the fine fellows battling in the scrying pool of her teacup there. I thought this was a nice touch cinematically and Koen really came through.

I kinda love the cat. His name is Stryper and it is for a stupid reason. I may petition Randy Mulholland of Something Positive and ask him if I can license one of his stretchy pink goo cats since Koen kinda colored him precisely that odd color of his putty cats.

The exposition here is important. The mission is to help the heroes of the quest until they don't need her. Ronni finally having enough, telling off the witch and getting ready to walk out, followed by shutting the witch down with unexpected knowledge. Ronni's had enough and she's done, through, leaving, middle finger raised.

New vote incentive from Jeff Langcaon of Henchmen for Hire fame, part of the Collective of Heroes Halloween exchange. Check it out!