This one will be a bit of a departure. We’ve never hesitated to pull the camera away from the big girl, because of course she’s always involved in these stories in some way or another. But this is a story I wanted to tell, that fills in a few of the blanks of the past, and maybe explains why that super team with the silly name keeps popping up over and over.

I should qualify- Ed is taking over the art duties on this chapter, but Dee will be returning when he’s done. She needs time for a few projects, as well as to get the next chapters of Pixie Girl Adventures finished, featuring Lexii and Ronni’s adventures in LA.

So please watch as page by page I work on making Ed into a proper comic book man. I think you’re going to be pretty impressed by his work and how it evolves, so stick around.

By the way, this wasn’t my first choice- I was thinking a bombastic cover with the modern team was the way to go. But Ed came up with this one, and somehow it really is far more indicative of the series that a traditional superhero team cover.


It’s been my experience that a cover for a book should be pretty good at teasing what the story inside is about. If it gets done in a really good way? It sets not only the tone, but a little bit of the momentum that it takes a reader to want to check it out and see what they might experience.

Under Sabrina’s guidance and editing, I think it wound up doing a pretty good job here. I feel like there’s enough going on here to subtly set the mood and give a strong notion of what’s to come.

I’m pretty positive that at the end of the issue, there’ll be that look of “OH! I get it NOW!” on your collective faces. To sum up, without breaking my arm by patting myself on the back?

Nailed it.



Issue 19 – Cover