The Big Pink Thing

I love the classic movie monsters of the schlocky 60’s and 70’s, so Attack of The Big Pink Thing sounded about right for the alien menace taking centerstage in our establishing shot. Of a website, because you can’t do newspapers anymore unless it’s pre-2K.

Intro Hawkins, who’s already letting you know just who he is in his first few lines. And Gene, of course, but a tie and suspenders with rolled-up sleeves on a man under 30 also speaks volumes.


Can you imagine coming onboard to an unexpected and new project, just to feel like you’re so much better than what you’re tasked with?

How cocky THIS guy is, huh? And his boss’ reaction. Calm, cool, secure in the knowledge of what’s ahead.

Yeah, life imitates art sometimes and I TRULY cannot wait for all of you to see how far this rabbit hole goes and where we wind up together. You’ll be able to see how much better this gets as the pages come out and I’m pretty positive that you’ll like how it progresses. (Also, the notes for this page not only work as a commentary, but also double as an inside joke for us at Giant Comics!)



Issue 19 – Page 001