The Sacrificial Lamb

Now we know why he’s being brought in for the job, whatever it may be, and Hawkins already recognizes he’s being brought in because he’s expendable. Hypothetically a man of principle? Maybe just a jerk? We’ll see.


Still getting my legs under me, I learned a bunch behind the scenes. Looking back, I see two paths. Critique myself and smile, knowing that I have a larger set of skills to draw from. OR i can beat myself up and not like what I’m seeing here.

I like this page. As Danger Team goes on? You’ll see that both of us, Hawkins and myself as his artist, grow a little on the journey. Sure, it sounds cheesy in a sitcom sort of way, but put your feet up, revisit this page after a few more get posted and you’ll see that I’m being transparently honest here. This book and the art style is going to grow on you.




Issue 19 – Page 002