Soviet Security

The summary of the Crimson Cosmonaut, who’s paranoid about an alien invasion fleet. Maybe because she already beaten one, and lives in the wreckage on the moon’s surface. I love the clunky old soviet Iron Man villains of the early 60’s, and the Crimson Cosmonaut is my tribute to those big clunkers. While she has sleek and streamlined suits, like Tony, she keeps a wardrobe of armorsuits. Which we’ll see in action… eventually.

For now, give it up for 64 Bit admitting she might not be wrong. And feel free to check out GGA Issue 15 for the Cosmonaut’s story.


This page. The challenge for me on this page was the departure from one scene to the other.

The calm interior setting of two people sharing information about the Cosmonaut, contrasted by the abject size and chaos of an unfathomable attacking squadron of alien aircraft, being held off by Communist Patriot doing their best to defend the planet from them.

On the Moon.

In a base created from their discarded tech.

It was a lot to get into one page, let alone as few panels as I did. I had a lot of conversations with Sabrina and what we call “Over the Shoulder” time, in order to get things to where we were both happy with the results.

Hard work paid off, in this instance.



Issue 19 – Page 008