Enter Witching Hill, redux

Morgan did promise an ‘unerring sense of direction’, after all. So here’s that promise in action, which will feature prominently from time to time throughout this story. Fear our plot device!

I love how Ali points out that his mother is a witch, but she’s usually honest.


Morgan actually lied, obfuscated or misdirected quite a bit before sending Ronni here, so this points out that Ali is aware that his mother doesn’t always tell the truth. I think that’s important to note, as Ali tends to take her word for things, even though he’s likely caught her in a few lies over the years.

There are plenty of easter eggs hidden in the large final panel. We’re gonna stay mum about them and let you folks look for them on your own!


This page used a good degree of the layout and existing architecture from the original artist, Koen. The design of the town was solid and there was no reason to reinvent the wheel when it just needed to be rebalanced and cleaned up. Like a lot of these pages, Sabrina and I enjoyed taking advantage of knowing exactly where the story was headed to add foreshadowing, easter eggs, etc.



Issue 17 – Page 019