While Lexii offers some native advice that turns out to be totally on the money, Ronni is busy lamenting that she’s going to have to wipe her ass with leaves, which says a lot about her comfort level, I think. Also a lot of ‘I get’ in her statements, which indicates about whom she is concerned.

When Ali turns up to turn on the charm, all Lexii sees is a rival, from the moment they meet. And once again, she ain’t wrong. That casual little stab while the rest of her body language is cheerful was delightful to me.

As for the big squishy boob hug, it pushes boundaries- Lexii immediately invades Kane’s space, and assaults her. But Ronni finds it charming enough from the six-inch tall pixie, so she lets it slide. Inappropriate as hell, but she’s a pixie, and it’s not like the very powerful being plucked her off or struck her down, either.

And it just looked so cute, I had to. I think you’ll agree.

Side note, in panel 1, that’s Britomart’s father Warrick the Cleric, who’s just popping into this moment in time to see the titan casually strolling the halls of Scott Castle, as he’s from the future, and knows things.

The maiden and matron coming in through the big doorway is Juanita Hastings, a southern cousin of the Scotts. When she can escape her governess Mathilda, the young noble lady dons a specialized suit of armor and full-face helm to adventure as the knight of mystery men call the Iron Tarnsman.

I know. It’s background details that mean something only to me, but it’s all part of the tapestry, right?


The big, squishy boob hug is something that was a part of the original art, and it was something I had been dying to take on for myself. I had a blast drawing this page, as Lexii really is a wonderful delight to draw.

Unlike most figures in any given frame, her entire body is usually in the shot and since she hovers a lot, that means all of her limbs… wings included… get to play a part in conveying her emotions.




Issue 17 – Page 026