Issue 17 – Page 10

Considerably more than a sense of direction if it is interpreting her commands so freely and pointing her in the right direction, but hey, the master diviner ought to be able to conjure up some impressive enchantments when the occasion calls for some serious wizarding.

Ali with that 'aw shucks' look.

Credit where credit is due- after all that time drawing mecha and hard perspectives for the Cosmonaut issue the rounded shapes of the Kaiju relaxed his hand a bit, then we launched into this. Perspective serves here, but lots of it is hand drawn and soft perspective work, and in that final panel Koen really takes off with it. The town of Benobles surrounding Scot Castle atop Witching Hill looks spectacular- who would have expected the European to be able to draw old European-style towns so well?

Also a poop joke, because poop is funny and it's a fantasy town with livestock on the streets and this sort of thing happens. Often to Ronni, because I'm a terrible person.