Issue 17 – Page 013

Apologies for the delayed page. Technical difficulties gang.

Welcome to scenic Scotland, Imperial Urth. We covered all this on the last page, of course.

The Witch does have her reasons for sending Ronni here buck-ass naked. She won't pollute the local landscape with a thousand and one things she might pull out of her coat, since it is the focal point for much of Giant Girl's shrunken down stuff, thus how she accesses it. This also forces Ronni to adapt immediately to local fashions, thus enabling her to not stand out as she most certainly would in her costume.

Also, the witch is just plain mean to Ronni, to put not too fine a point on it. In a collection of condescension and humiliations, this one is just icing on the cake. Spoiler? It will most definitely cost her, just not right this second nor anytime soon, but wait for it.

Darn witch.