Seed of the future

A definite turn in tone, we begin to see just how restrained the witch was when dealing with Ronni, as she begins to deal with her own son. I love how her look subtly changes here, as she shows Ali just what might have come of his adventures. This is some amazingly bad parenting, poor manipulation work and really a lot of poorly directed power and self-crafted frustration here.

But the image of R. Kane Chesterfield tells you everything you need to know about what sort of man he would have been.

I mean, gun fingers.

As the room reflects the witch’s ire and the fireplace literally roars and the animated armor suits clonk in close, I wanted the greatest reaction on the page to be Ali stricken by the illusory image of he and Britomart’s potential daughter. Dee nailed that cheerful innocence of a golden girl that I asked for, and the sinister shadow watching over her was a perfect compliment to her. Because I wanted you to believe that look of shock and loss in Ali’s eyes.

Also, mind the shadows, for they tell tales…


Dramatic lighting, claustrophobic framing and over-the-top, dramatic acting! I am in artist heaven with this page. I really enjoyed tweaking Morgan’s model just a tetch to push her more to the “wicked” witch paradigm as she goes here, extending some of her features a bit. She is a delight to draw.



Issue 17 – Page 134