Worst mother ever

Once again, I ask, “Dee, can you show the spells she has woven around him in sort of an elegant ribbon fashion?” And once again, she knocks it out of the park.

I love Morgan’s rant, which really, really just serves to illustrate that the old witch really doesn’t understand how any of this works. But she does have a flair for the dramatic, offering the spotlight of shame while she dresses Ali down for not being a more successful lothario.

Classic Giant Girl costume in flashback FTW. I do enjoy that we get to use it in flashbacks now and not hear the chorus of comparison. Now we get to own the joke, which is nice.

Panel 5, I wanted the full Haunted Mansion- ghosts, bats, roaring flames. I got it all. It’s a glorious little panel there.

Who teaches their kids better than to fall in love? Sociopaths. That’s who.


Artistically, you’ll note that most every background is something that was established PAGES ago that I drew separately and now edit, clip, distort and blur to fill in the space behind our characters here. It is a tremendously useful time-saving tool I like to employ whenever applicable.

And again, it is just so much fun to draw Morgan in these shots as she absolutely chews up the scenery like the diva she is. I also enjoyed the flashback of Ali where he inadvertently looked kinda like Yakko Warner. “Helllooooo Giant Nurse!”




Issue 17 – Page 135