Issue 17 – Page 14

Okay, so after the big 'welcome to the war against the giants' we get our first volunteer- the shining golden paladin, of course. She manifests a big magical sword effect made of light, she says all the right things, people nearby are stirred and moved- save Ronni, who opens her mouth at precisely the wrong moment, thinking no one will hear her nor care. Wrong on both counts.

Ali steps in to save the day oh so nobly, and introduces Ronni as Kane the Uncouth... mirroring Morgan's prediction back on page 7, panel 6.


Nice commentary on the nature of adventurers showing up for a call to action, then we get the first confrontation between Britomart, the lawful good paladin and the freewheeling neutral good Giant Girl. I like how Koen drew Britomart taller than Ronni, because it is so seldom that anyone looms over her. Of course Ali is still desperately trying to counsel Ronni to keep her light under a bushel, as they say, and keep her powers a secret.

Guess we'll see how that plays out. New vote incentive at Top Web Comics!