Issue 17 – Page 18

So, I'm tardy to the party on this one, but food coma.

Ronni is smart enough not to press her luck and let Britomart use the Godsword on her- she may not know exactly what it is or what powers it may posses but she is smart enough to ask for a normal sword of the paladin. which is a good tactical move.

That last line of Ronni's in panel 1 is yet another turning point- it really has been one HELL of a day and Veronica is absolutely through taking shit from anyone. She has played nice with everyone she has encountered up to this point but now she is officially through being pushed around, period. Also, she isn't kidding about knowing how much room her foot is going to have- she's calculating how tall she can get without her foot squashing the golden girl there. It sounds like idle talk but it most certainly is no such thing.

You'd think her casual attitude and the sardine can cracks might clue in the right hand of Vanu, but not so much. She mostly assumes that Ronni has some trick up her sleeve, but Britomart is definitely surprised by the actual confrontation. Is she disbelieving in that last panel? Yes. Yes she is. Is it working? Well, that's no illusion, so...

Happy post turkey day gang. For those of you working retail, we salute you. For those of you returning to work, godspeed. To those of you who worked through, thank you. For those of you with a 4 day weekend, must be nice.

I'ma lay over here in my chair and wonder if my belly is ever going to not stick out further than my boobs ever again...