Issue 17 – Page 17

Begin the epic quest! Cue the sweeping orchestral theme!

Somewhat tight shot of the adventurers winding through a pass leaving the town of Benobles and Scott Castle that gives the first real look at the party. They were all in the great hall of Scott Castle, but the peasants in the crowd camouflaged them somewhat. Here's a closeup if you want to inspect:


Overland silhouettes- Matt Groenig once said that a truly distinctive character can be identified by their silhouette. Y'all still don't know who all these folks are, but you will. The crossing the river- thanks Joseph Campbell! leaves behind the world of order for one of strange adventure. Koen bred a lot of life into the party members in this shot.

Leonitas, being a barbarian lord, must lead the horde. Britomart of course insists on taking point. So it is an ongoing battle between the two of them as to who is in the lead. Buttercup, Britomart's war unicorn, looks bloody amazing.

Okay, to be fair, Britomart is pretty cold in panel 5. But that's not an unfair assessment of the situation as she perceives it. Ali hears that 'realllly' and knows what's up, and it is uncertain whether he is moving out of concern for Ronni or the golden girl paladin. After all, he knows what Ronni is capable of should she decide to use her powers.

Karloff the Doomguide- the grim reaper there- he knows it and calls it when he sees it. Dunno if that is always going to be his font. but I liked him calling it with one word- showdown. He knows danger is imminent and he is calling the party's attention to it.

A duel. A matter of honor settled through contest of arms. Ronni may not know what's going on around here and she may not have a grasp of the local physics but she understands the holy warrior won't pass up the chance to kick the normal gal's ass if she challenges her. It's a pretty linear line of logic for Ronni that cuts to the heart of it and settles it all in one challenge.

New vote incentive at TWC- Lexii the Pixie's production art.