Issue 17 – Page 16

Enter Lexii the Pixie.

Lexii has been an occasional sounding board and fan of the comic almost from the start, and when I offered her a spot in the fantasy epic she plotzed. So here's your avatar, Alexandria, in all her glory. Giant Girl Gang #69, proud member of the Upshots.

Of all of the assembled clever and magical people in the room, Lexii is the first one to figure out that Ronni is actually somebody. The walking alter reality, even at rest, still radiates magic like a beacon, even in a room with this much magic and artifacts clanking about. The punk pixie not only introduces herself, but explains the facts of life as she sees it (which is correct, as we see) then immediately gets possessive over Ronni when Ali shows up to try to lay the Kazaam charm on her. I love that slight poke between the eyes to drive home her point.

Big hugs. Because let's face it, you would too in her shoes.

Lexii's production designs will be this week's TWC vote incentive on Wednesday. Rock the vote!