Issue 17 – Page 31

And as promised, we're back! Unlike some webcomics, we might be a few hours late with our updates due to technical issues, but we publish when we claim we will and we return from breaks as scheduled. We may not be professionals but we do our best to comport ourselves as such.

Here we begin to see more of a turn in the power dynamic of the party, as Britomart continues to try to instill order while Ronni's chaotic nature continues to assert itself. Mind you, her strategy is sound. It just doesn't apply when you add in Giant Girl, because what is normally possible for the golden paladin and a party of adventurers is not what is possible when Giant Girl is added to the equation.

I love how panels 4 and 5 are identical save for the addition of the boot, and I thought the sound effect- Ronni's trademark 'I am putting my foot down THOOM- really worked as an overlay. I debated and agonized a lot over this, and have no fear Ronni will be having considerable crisis of conscience here in a few pages. So far it hasn't even been 24 that she has been a stranger in a strange land, and it hasn't all completely caught up with her. But it will, have no fear.

Meanwhile Please vote for us a Top Web Comics. We are currently being beaten out by even our own crossover with Spying With Lana. Not that it isn't an awesome story and all, but c'mon, we can do better than that!