Issue 17 – Page 30

Okay, the giant in Panel 2 always reminds me of Slim Pickens, which is somehow appropriate in my mind. Note the bard sliding into position- once again, support staff to the rescue! That 'tasty' joke in panel 3 was naughty but we just kinda let that slide.

I liked the idea of Ronni letting the giant pick her up just so she could exercise her power over him. Kind of a bold move, but hey, that's our girl. Turning the tables on him and reversing their situations just seemed natural for her, and Koen liked the idea of a new hat so much, well, for the time being Ronni has a Rob Zombie cowboy hat.

Next week we will be posting holiday strips for you to stall through the holidays, and GGA will return with regularly scheduled updates on the 9th of January- we need a bit of time to get caught up and rebuild our buffer, so we hope you understand. Bear with us and I will post production drawings and holiday images in the meanwhile.

Big things ahead for 2017, so stay tuned! Happy Holidays!