Issue 17 – Page 68

While in the dead tree format this will run over two pages, we designed and intended for this to run as one scroll, as the party's resident Bard reports in to his superior- on his majesty's secret service. The joy of the website design is that it doesn't have a cutoff at the bottom, so we can run something super long like this and not have to redesign the site. We're working on getting that version uploaded.

I asked Dee for this to be cruder, as if they are sketches in Swann's journal. The entire time he's been nudging along the quest, and has often been instrumental- hah!- to the story or saving someone fortuitously. The Everyman of the quest.


This was a fun bit of visual sorbet to give a pacing breather, after the last few massive pages, and indulge in a completely different art style for a bit. Sabrina specifically requested a looser, brush inking style as what were actually seeing is Dirk Swann's art here.

I did my level best to try and get a looser and more organic style, and hopefully that played well here. Particularly against the faux-parchment paper.

This was also my place to show the new suit Ronni's replaced her tattered rags, which was my first chance to actually DESIGN something for the comic and indulge my own stylistic leanings.

And lastly, I did have to take a photo of my own hand to get that hand looking right at the bottom.