Issue 17 – Page 70


Gonna have fight scene in MONTAGE!

So you can see Lexii has gotten very adept at piggybacking on Ronni's size shifting, as she has realized the effect lasts as she spends a lot of time in contact with Ronni. So her wee pixie arrows are tree trunks at this size, as the rock giants of the Northland mountains are discovering.

Superhero landing pose, yes, but also the only way you can punch the ground with any effectiveness. Smoke and R'lithon are both getting good character shots here as this was a big part of this page- to showcase the characters and how they fight. R'lithon is agile and nimble with all of his various piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing weapons while Smoke cleaves with his strength and fury.

Karloff is cheering the team on to give them bonuses, while Swann signs a merry battle tune to keep the party going, Halder and Flynna are refining their teamwork, as Flynna uses her spellcasting to augment her swashbuckling fighting style and Halder demonstrates that sometimes all you need are some good daggers.

Ali and Britomart are indeed doing the Star Wars: New Hope pose as she calls for the light of the heavens to smite the evil abroad upon the land. Ronni's baseball-style pitch in the background makes me laugh every time.

Once again, we see Giant Girl using her telescopic vision- which always involves putting her hands up to her eyes as if holding invisible binoculars. She's done it multiple times in the strip, if you are inclined to go looking for it, and I've stuck with the gag here.

Hopefully everyone noticed the 2 page spread last week...


Using the two-pages scroll as both a tonal sorbet and a scene change, it was fun to jump in straight to the next big fight, mid-action.

Artistically, there's a lot of fun I had setting up the texture of our stone beasties and I enjoyed managing the chaos of the battle and making sure everyone had a moment of looking cool. (Or cheerleading, in Dirk and Karloff's cases.)

There's also a VERY specific design element where ALL of the action here radiates in perspective from Lexii's position on Ronni's shoulder in panel 1. If you follow it out, you can see that those lines flow to Dirk's lute and Flynna's sword, down to Britomart's beams. I'm very happy with how this page composition came together.

Also, one of the first pages where I'm starting to get really happy with Ronni's face, artistically.