Hero Horse

Lexii is delighted to be the same size as Ronni, having jumped off her shoulder when she was quite large, leaving Lexii with a different perspective on her favorite giant. Plus, return of the Arrow of Direction the Witch gave Ronni before she left for the quest! Been a while since we’ve seen that.

I debated this scene for a bit, because it seemed unlikely. Paladins seldom release their warhorses, after all. But Britomart is the Right Hand of Vanu, and when she has a premonition, she listens to it. After all, God literally talks to her directly, and when that voice in her heart speaks, she listens.

The script literally called for Buttercup to rear up heroically and the other two horses respond and run off with him, and I really feel I got exactly what I wanted here. Heroic horse leadership in action. Wellll, war unicorn, but whateva.



As a student of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic art in New Jersey, one of my teachers was the classic artist, Jose Delbo, who pounded how to draw horses into all of his student’s heads. I did my best to remember those lessons and loved getting the chance to the chance to draw some here for their last page.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, but Koen’s armor design for Britomart’s trusty steed here was SOOOO complex that I’m really glad they can’t go any further. Lol. I’d need hand surgery if I had to keep drawing this page after page. Lol


Issue 17 – Page 73