North she bade

I am in love with this page. We get the giants looming out of the shadows while King Lars of the Hillbilly giants negotiates- remember, Ronni stole his maul? He’s even in Dirk Swann’s report to the Imperial Overlord, holding his crown in his hands and looking back at the camera.

According to the way giant society works, he would be the least among them, so him being the spokesman is because he’s the one they deemed expendable. I love Britomart’s restraining hand to the party, and that she’s willing to talk. Lawful, yes, but good.

So for those of you who could not understand why there was a giant black widow spider back in the Hillbilly Giant palisade? Now you know. The Witch did say the giants were moved by another force, and a darker force beyond that. Say what you will about the Witch of Washington, she was very economical about what she said, but none of it was inaccurate whatsoever.

I will freely admit, I am very proud of King Lars’ speech here, and Dee’s artwork really brought it home.




With this page, there’s another visual and tonal shift in the style of the art. Going full-bore into the intensely deep, highly-rendered shadows on our giant here was just sooo much fun to draw. I really went a little overboard on the rendering, but I’m glad I did.

Using some radial line glowing from the sword also helped to separate the visual planes of the artwork here.


Issue 17 – Page 78