As you fall through the ice (cue David Gilmour guitar riff)

Of course, Ronni first tries to get big enough to get a grip and not fall, which just makes more of the ice give way. The Lexii reaction with the breaking of the 4th wall was all me, and Dee was of course down with it, and the shot of her diving after the party was way better than I had hoped for. Falling like feathers- what a concept, right? Then looming shadows as Halder gets in a rare line. He’s one of those characters who just never has anything to say until it’s relevant, so I try to make sure his lines count.


In discussions with Sabrina, the primary creative direction here and in the next chunk of pages to come is that Britomart’s sword is the primary light source while they’re in the caves. It’s a great artistic challenge and has been fun to play with the dense shadows. Also, like the last page, that straight-up cartoon character shrug from Lexii was a lot of fun to draw.


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Issue 17 – Page 77