It’s A Trap!


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As for the page…

I dug the shrinking effect, as Dee explains below- it gives the impression without having to overclutter the page, yet it adds animation, motion and action to a page that is basically the same camera angle as a daily three-panel strip. I adore Britomart’s pontificating pose- as our webmaster pointed out, she’s literally doing the ‘Well, actually…’ pose here

Flynna. Cheeky!

Swann figures out the cycle while Flynna intuitively knows it’s a trap, and she’s right, as we see by the end of the page. Never argue with the expert padfoot, Ronni.

I insisted on panels 4 and 5 just being the change in Ronni’s posture and expression, because I love these comedic bits where the artwork sells the gag.


While action sequences are a lot of fun to draw, I really love pages like this where I get to dig into the characters, do a little “acting” and play to the personalities and humor. I loved also, getting to play to my background in humor comic strips with Ronni’s gag where the ice cracks.

With this page, I’m also changing up how I render Ronni’s growing and shrinking. Rather than drawing the individual elements, I’ve decided to play with the software and do some selective radial blurring for growth panels where she’s not MOVING specifically in the effect.


Issue 17 – Page 76