Issue 17 – Page 011

So, from the previous page we get an explanation for what just happened and why Ronni folded. Followed by the witch pre-empting Ali's declaration that he's coming too, then that this would not go well for Stanley (who is clearly upset by this development). He could really have been sad when his DS ran out of power and he couldn't recharge it.

Chesterfield is prognosticating with that statement about the noble mage and the uncouth rogue. Wait for it.

Now this is a funny thing that I'll throw out there. The Witch takes all this time to advise Ronni that her coat wouldn't do well in the dimensional transfer, even when the point is moot, as you'll see soon enough.

That hat bit- that was just plain mean-spirited. The witch knows how much that hat meant to Ronni, she knows how much it hurt to give it up and she goes for the dig anyway. There was no reason to be mean about it but she is deliberately baiting Ronni to piss her off- no reason behind it save prodding to see just how well Ronni can keep her cool.

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