The Plan

After establishing all that time getting in, here’s her plan- get the macguffin, and use it to empower herself. She’s done the research and she’s done the setup, and she’s gotten in. The girl with no powers who is crossing the very powerful Agency engages her cufflink to make science waves to cover her tracks. Then when the dangerous artifact is delivered to her, we can see her emotions play out across her face.

I was going to leave this as silent panels and let Dee’s artwork say it all, because honestly, it does. But  I was so fond of my descriptions of the panels, they lent themselves to narration, and I combined the two. Although to be honest, Dee’s art tells you exactly what’s going on in her head.


The vault was designed to be one-part ‘door room from Monsters Inc.’, and one part ‘Cabin in the Woods creature storage facility’. And I have to say that I really enjoy drawing mousy Ronni. Especially as we see that fire we all know she has in her work it’s way to the surface.

Like a lot of these pages, I took Sabrina’s script and really tried to focus the action on the emotions. And for a page with 12 panels, I don’t think it ever felt cramped to me in the design. This sequence is the most important scene I’ve yet drawn in the book, and it needed to express a LOT in a short period of time.



Issue 17 – Page 97