Lightning strikes, and the thunder rolls

3 panels! Look, only 3 panels for a change! I didn’t want to miss out on that big beautiful shot of our captive giantess getting her bearings. Which of course leads to Giant Girl getting ready for a fight- not that she wasn’t going to anyway. And in the last panel, the challenge was to include everyone, and show them preparing for the battle. Plus just a touch of 4th wall breaking on Ronni’s part.

Oh yes. A climactic battle is just around the corner now…


The fun bit where Ronni looks at the camera in the last panel is something of a minor error that, in the spirit of Bob Ross, we made into a happy accident. Artistically, I just flubbed her eyeline and when we noticed it, decided that it worked for her.

Also, if you consider how much more muscular I’ve been drawing Ronni on average, you can imagine how happy I am to draw our new giantess. <3



Issue 17 – Page 111