Something To Believe In

This page gives us a different side of Britomart. She knows now she can’t command Kane, but she still used the Voice of Command on her, making her wish known. As Ronni didn’t plan on abusing Leonitas any further, she complies, then watches as the faith healer does her work. Which, to a gal who doesn’t see that sort of thing everyday, is kind of amazing.

Mind you, Britomart’smoment of humility, deferring thanks to her god instead of accepting them herself, is undercut by her being snarky to Kane immediately afterward. But she raises a point, and one that will come back at the end of the adventure when Kane does commit and have faith in something.

They don’t become friends through the course of this narrative, but Britomart and Kane both influence one another, and create some change for good in the other. I like that element.


We don’t do many spot colors for anything BUT Ronni, but Britomart’s holy glowing is certainly one we have fun with when it shows up.

There is a lot happening in this page, but thematically, it is a closed scene unto itself, which is satisfying to read, for sure. There’s a lot of fun acting I got to play with, and the silent acknowledgment of Lexii taking up the position on Ronni’s shoulder she would maintain throughout the adventure.




Issue 17 – Page 033