Men call him…

On the laundry list of characters we’ve introduced for the quest, our boy Dirk needed an introduction. Who and what he is will be detailed a bit later in the story, but for the here and now, this scene shows us he’s got a bit of empathy and common sense, as he befriends the friendless Harald. Who is basically the weird guy who nobody particularly wants to approach. We’ve all known a Harald, I think.

I love how Dee transitions the scene from the main campfire and the four characters there, to up on the hill where Dirk and Harald are having a little bonding time, and we end with the elves in the background, indicating where the camera will move next.


Transitions are narratively important to me, to make sure pages like this never feel disconnected. I am always thinking of things in regards to the overall book and how pages will flow.

This page was a lot of fun, and it’s something I didn’t think either Sabrina or I expected. It’s just a bit of character building, but poor Harald is SO expressively cartoony and depressed that it made this a joy to draw.



Issue 17 – Page 034