Time To Make It Right

While The Agency might have moved locations, access points are likely still in place. Being a former Agent, Ronni knows where to find one, and how to access it. Placing one in the most homophobic restaurant chains in America seemed appropriate, and the look Ronni is getting while strolling into the men’s room sells that.

Cameos galore in panel 8, from the Agents to their weaponry. I love Agent Alpha- he is the dour, disapproving authority figure I wanted to see, as the Agents confront one of their own, long since gone rogue yet returning to the scene of the crime, as it were.

Gotta hand it to Alpha, he knows how to deal with an odd situation. Seems Ronni is not the only intuitive one in this scene. Or maybe it’s years of experience.

Or maybe he expected something like this…


After a few pages of casual talking, this page was a very fun change of pace. New scenery and a really fun visual set up with her shrinking to get onto the “secret entrance” in one of the worst possible locations. I loved the cadré of agents with their wild weapons, and the playing up the expression on Ronni with the lasers on them was a fun way to break the tension of the scene.

Before starting on GIANT GIRL ADVENTURES with Sabrina, the idea of a page with this many panels would have made me drop a load, but these days, we tend to ADD panels to help sell emotions or gags, and while it’s always a challenge, making a page like this not FEEL Overstuffed or crowded is always something I feel proud of when we pull it off. And I feel like we pulled it off well here.



Issue 17 – Page 151