Epilogue and Finale

Some of you guessed it, some of you did not, so here it is- a circle that goes round upon itself.

“If not for me, Giant Girl would not exist. If not for Giant Girl, I would not exist.”

Flynna’s wee bebeh will grow up to be a power greater than anyone could have imagined, who will fulfil his destiny to aid in his own creation. Predestination paradox ahoy! I loved the idea that Ronni refusing to just watch events unfold, but become actively engaged, was a turning point for her. And as with so many of her actions, the ramifications are far greater than she knew.

We also see Ali Kazaam, back on Urth, perhaps a bit older and wiser, now committing to something, and to someone- a lesson somewhat shared by Ronni herself on Urth. As well, we see Britomart, who believed she was not meant to understand love, contemplating it, perhaps for the first time, as she watches him with the newborn child, borne of the union between two tragic lovers of a legendary dying race.

Ali’s mom showed him who his son would have been, borne of a union with Veronica Kane, heir to her reality altering powers in addition to his family’s bloodline of witchcraft. Because in that reality, she would not have surrendered Jhor’dhunn’s power back to him, but kept it for herself, still trying to master it. With which the Witch would have helped, of course, and said power would have been mastered by their son.

But Morgan’s backup plan was Elspeth Chesterfield, and she knew exactly how much it would motivate him to show him that cheerful, innocent and golden-haired child he would father with the Hand of Vanu.

It’s all about the bloodlines for the witch, doncha know.

The Witch’s saga has yet to play out as well, because that’s all part of that ‘war amongst the stars’ Ali relayed to Swann, which of course has not yet come to pass for us. But Ali’s destiny is here, in this magical realm, beside the beautiful paladin to whom he lost his heart. Which will soften her brittle manner, and in turn, make him a better man.

Thus it brings us to the end of this saga, which has certainly taken quite a while to present to you. Next week we’ll begin something new, and we hope you’ll stay with us as we pay homage to the past, and lay the groundwork for the future.

We hope you have enjoyed our tale of high fantasy, starring our flawed and hopefully relatable  superheroine.


This single, massive story was designed to be many things from the get go. But the biggest thing, really, is a turning point. Ronni was one thing when this story began, and now she’s something new, and a lot closer to the ideal of being a hero she’s always striven toward yet also actively fought against. She’s learned to make stronger connections, open her heart, and learned to take responsibility for her incredible power. She’s a changed character, and I am very excited to have been a part of that growth.

We laid out the breadcrumbs for this reveal a LONG time ago, and I’m giddy that at least a couple of folks sussed out where we were heading with the reveal. And like Sabrina, I LOVE cyclical time paradoxes. I love that the Witch runs everything as a master of the Xanatos gambit concept, and always sees how any eventuality can benefit her. I love imagining the life of a young Jhor’dhunn, growing up as a precocious, curious uber-magical kid hearing all the wonderful tales of his heroic and mighty savior, Kane.

Working on this issue had been a joy, and I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

And now, in true Giant Girl fashion, let’s see what’s bigger and better over the horizon. 😉



Issue 17 – Page 160