Up the coast to Ventura

This was where Ed started getting the idea this wasn’t just going to be a talking heads comic, just as I sent him to a scene of two guys in a booth at a diner for some talking heads action.


Whew! Hawkins is out of the office and on his way to break this story wide open! I was happy, right? Nervous as ALL get out. Sure, two guys aren’t in the office testing each other to see who can get farther, but NOW I have to draw crowd scenes. Of course, I wanted to put as much as I could into the background, so that you guys would find things later and just laugh about them.

Here’s a quick test to see who’s reading these notes; that lost dog on the flier is actually my cat, Orion. He’s cool and I like to add bits of myself and my friends into pages on occasion.



Issue 19 – Page 004