Interlude: The Mighty Barbie

Barbie’s a bit complicated. She was willed an alien supersuit by a dying superhero who had lost the instructions. The suit rebooted because the previous owner died, reactivating the onboard AI who acts as her guide to the array of powers she possesses. So she’s out here preparing for the invasion she’s here to stop, with this suit tied to the planet’s quantum field.

Which makes her the world’s mightiest trophy wife, who really just wants to be home playing tradwife for her wealthy old husband who’s a foot shorter than she is. Hey, guy knows what he likes. Those boobs did not grow on her chest through mother nature, rest assured.

In short, Barbie is a powerhouse, one of the most powerful individuals in the Girlieverse- particularly on earth. Her biggest limitation is that she isn’t a fighter, she’s a lover. Scared of pain, not a fan of conflict and quick to be afraid of just about anything, she does have a good heart, and she’ll usually do the right thing, despite her misgivings.


Okay, cue the theme music.

This page is where things begin to click for me. I start by beginning to understand who Barbie is, what her purpose is in the story and on the team itself. Also, I understand what Sabrina expects of me for the Mighty Barbie.

I also learn that references are paramount when laying out a good panel and overall page flow. This vignette page, is the smallest of glimpses into Barbie and what’s in store for everyone.




Issue 19 – Page 005