Issue 17 – Page 61


Ronni might just be taking Leonitas' death a bit hard.

Alienated from Ali Kazaam, her only link to home, she's adrift in this world of magic and mayhem.Throughout her time here, she's struggled to make peace with her civilized sensibilities versus the madness of this world. So we arrive at this turning point. Rather than being reactive, Veronica Kane has decided to be proactive. In a very, very big way.

I'm gonna let the work say the rest.

Dee's Notes:

In this page, I wanted to make the tonal shift from where we WERE to where this scene is heading apparent, and that shot of Flynna chucking her thumb over her shoulder is where event the ART begins to revised in style, becoming a little less cartoony.

So far, for Ronni, being REactive has lead to pain and loss. She's waited and people have died and Ali rejected her, which considering how alienated she is here, is still an open wound.

Also, for the first time since I've taken over art chores, Lexii the Pixie (the ONE person in this disturbing realm that actively LIKES Ronni and is happy she's there.) is NOT on her shoulder.

That was VERY much done on purpose.