Weight jokes

Our girl Kane has a plan, and she needs Lexii’s help. Sure, she could probably explain the plan, but taking the pixie’s hand and shrinking into it is a cooler trick, and thus, of course, the way Ronni chose to do it. Panel 2, with her shrinking and Lexii hovering there is classic comic-book superheroes there, and I love it.

Lexii can’t help but prank Ronni- after all, she is a pixie. Hopefully I managed to say a lot with a little, when Ronni expresses not liking to get small. She feels vulnerable when everyone and everything is bigger than her, unsurprisingly. But given how this is going to play out, I didn’t want to go explore that too much.

This is Lexii’s time to shine, storywise.


I have been DYING to get to this page for months now, as I really love Lexii as a character and finally getting to reframe the art to show her full in frame is a LOT of fun.

While most of the other characters have morphed to have more realistic facial proportions, little Lexii remains much more animated and she’s a delight to draw. Plus,scenes like this are all about the character acting, expressions and emotions, and that is artists crack for me.


Issue 17 – Page 86