My leetle peedjon

For this page, with Ronni shrunk down to be the smaller one in the equation to Lexii, who is accustomed to everyone being bigger than she is, made for some genuine Chuck Jones style comedy. Which I asked Dee to pursue, and she delivered with panache.  I love the flow of the action, the line quality, the body detail- I asked for pin-up, and it was delivered.

One of our longest-running fans is whom Lexii is based upon, in a manner of speaking. When I was writing this script years ago, I presented her with Ronni’s proposal as written here. The response in the last panel is hers entirely. So props to Mrs. Grimm.

The script called for:

Panel 4

Small closeup of Lexii with lecherous drool hanging out of the corner of her mouth as her eyes cross.

LEX: Then tonight you’re mine?

GG: Mmmm hmmm.



This was one of my favorite pages to draw in the series so far. It was a LOT of fun to lean heavily into the much more cartoony Lexii and keep her more exaggerated proportions intact up against the increasingly more naturally drawn Ronni. They really do make an awesome team and I adore their dynamic. 

The pin-up panel absolutely required some reference to get right and capture the cheesecake energy, which isn’t always natural for me to tackle artistically. As such, I’m extra happy that it came out as well as it did.


Issue 17 – Page 87