What they can’t see

Okay, so given that we really do often cram a lot of action into our pages, this was a deliberate slowing of that pace to continue to focus on the two lady adventurers here. In this case, I wanted to give Dee a little room to artistically explore how the two of them would work invisibly, which actually played out rather well, going back to the pioneer we learned it from, Alex Toth.

We tried a version with Ronni’s red tints, and it really didn’t work out. We publish all of that stuff on the Patreon every Sunday for the folks who are interested and support us. A LOT of production drawings every week, as every screenshot Dee sends me ends up in the file and we share the map of how we got to where we ended up from where we started. We show you the blue lines through all of the edits, even dialogue changes.

Advertisement concluded.


I tried a few different ways to make them look invisible while still keeping them clearly visible for the reader, and this white lined “Space Ghost” technique was the winner when I submitted it, and nothing else that I’d tried, to Sabrina for review.

While it seems, otherwise, like a simple enough page, there was some back and forth on the proportion of their heads to make everything flow right. Having Ronnie essentially be the size of a toddler in relation to Lexii here adds a little bit of extra work to keep it consistent, which has been a fun challenge.


Issue 17 – Page 89